Overall Management Strategy
Managing Las Alturas' multi-faceted nature creates a variety of challenges. Ranging from 15,000 acres of primary virgin rain- and cloud-forests, to the remaining 10,000 acres which was cleared by the previous owner to establish the Las Alturas ranch and coffee plantations. There is also the community of 100 individuals who tend the farm and who protect and preserve the forests.

Ranch Management
Present ranch activites include cattle ranching, small scale farming, agriculture, harvesting wild coffee berries and protecting the flora and fauna.

Since acquisition of the preserve by the Zenerji Group in 2000, all day-to-day aspects have been managed by Fernando Castañeda.

Research Coordination
Our goals for researcher participation hopes to accomplish the following:
  • Field test environmentally sound, replicable development projects
  • Study effect of projects on environment and local population
  • Transmit results to greater public
  • Assist with implementation elsewhere in the world
Las Alturas welcomes proposals for research and can provide limited support and accomodations for research teams. If you have an interest in conducting research at Las Alturas, please contact ProCAT for further information.