The Village of Las Alturas
Roughly 60% of Las Alturas is virgin rain forest, the balance consists of a cattle and dairy ranch, an abandoned coffee plantation, saw mill (operative but without comercial use), machine shop and the village of Las Alturas. There is also a secondary forest that is being reforested and allowed to recuperate back as part of the balance.

The village has a general store, school, church and housing. Around 30 people of various nationalities live there.

The village consists of farm workers and their families. Its population includes: cattle ranch, reforestation, stable, apiculture and nursery workers; militia who protect the forest and community from game and flora poachers, squatters, and transients; maintenance crews for machinery, vehicles, other apparatus and the physical plant; and other infrastructure employees who run the general store, school, mess hall, bar and oversee the administration of the town, farm, forest and personnel.
House at Las Alturas
A newly reconstructed residence at Las Alturas.
The principal and sustaining income had been timbering—until the current owner assumed possession in early 2000 and ceased such operations.